I seek perfection knowing that it doesn't exist.

My muse, and I are my major influences.

Art without muse like life without love.


About me

Growing up surrounded by photography and art was hard to resist from falling for it at very early age. My first love was drawing which I started at the fragile age of two, this lead me to pass an entry exams to local gymnasium that specialized in arts, for 10 years I had regular weekly lessons of art history, drawing, painting, composition, sculpture, design. Back then this fully satisfied my need of self-expression.

I got my first digital camera in 2003 but was experimenting very little around. Its in 2009 that I accepted love to photography and started making many clicks. In Brussels and places that I visited. Life of cities, nature, people changes very fast and it will never remain the same like at the moment of click, that’s probably most exciting about it, recording a history of changes by depicting the world.

I do not have any particular objective when taking photo, apart for outshining myself, and capturing moment that attracts my attention. In every photo taken there is a message, a piece of my thought towards life and human understanding.

And little I care of any rule or technique. No after processing, no photoshop, no cropping. There is no point in camouflaging my errors and instead I'm pushing 'delete' button.










  this is not a shoe








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